Saturday, 2 October 2010

Hiya guysssss! im very sorry i havent been on in like ages! :(

but ive been so busy & ill.
been job hunting :/ cant wait till i get a job will mean getting away from temptations and hopefully more walking! and maybe meet new people. 

Every time ive been going to write a new blog it wudnt work so i dont know if this ones goin to work either........ but ive been reading all your blogs i have loads of new followeers! hey! all your blogs have kept me going seriously i read them all, your all my inspirations! My sleepings gotten worse so has my eating, but my exercise is still going good but on monday i cant wait because everyone goes back to work so i can start going back to one meal a deal below 400 cals that worked best! very quick aswell i think! and do alot more exercise.  

So anyway, i met someone offline like 2 years ago.. and recently weve just started talkin again and its clear to me i never realy got over him but its just so hard with (C) aswell because i feel so strong for him. Both in same position with living so far away. arghhh so confusing, but anyway i think me and (R) mighttttttt meet soon so thats inspired me more to loose weight, maybe for my birthday in february ill say.... and then that would give me enough time??? lol.

i saw on dotti some competition for designing skirts so i was doing them all day everyday and then i finally go to post some up and i cant enter because i dont live in the NZ or OZ ;/ so was pretty anoyed about that.. so if anyone knows any competitions to enter from designing to photography in the UK then let me know? :) i dont mind about the prize bit i just like the bit where you get people to vote for you haha.

oh yesssssss ive had my hair cut!! short like ill put a picture up now../..

This but my hairs like a browny reddy colour.. ill try upload a picture maybe ill have the guts to do it like the side of me or something as people wont recognize me with my new hair, as i dont go out much anyway lol.

hey teaspoon, im sorry i dont know where else to reply to comments so ill reply on here :) i hope you see and dont think im being ignorant haha! yeah i defo agree with the script thing it just takes me into my own little world! and normally with albums i kind of overplay them but im still listening and loving this album! and my dream wise, there different most nights but the same like... its of me dieing lol! depressing! but yeah, there in different ways though of transport... so its either in car crash or one was an icecream van lol! and falling out of an airoplane.. but my worst dreams are of being trapped in a small room and the walls are just caving in on me. Ive even had dreams of me getting really fat and exploding lol! i know i shouldnt laugh but there just stupid, but there so realistic its scary. Thanks for commenting :) 

Viktorija: Hey! thanks, yours is cute too! i love your name by the way (viktorija) if that is your name tehe.. thanks for commenting..

Liz: Hey liz!... yeah i found that too but with 'the man that cant be moved' thats what people tended to listen to the most, but i have spotify.. and loved there new single for the first time and then it just showed there new album on there.. so i got addicted to listenin to it haha! and thanks luvleh.. ive been feeling better recently just very guilty and tierd! Hope your ok!!

Anyways, going to catch up on all your blogs!.. thanks for following btw :) i love coming on here and finding out that i have a new follower! its just nice to know that im not alone feeling like this! thanks guys. xxxxxx


  1. upload a picture when you get your hair cut, i wanna see it! i've never had enough balls to cut my hair short, though i really want to, i'm not patient enough to wait for it to grow out if it looks bad lol

  2. great thinspo! and the haircut is so cute xx