Tuesday, 5 October 2010

ive hadd...... 1 yogurt, which was 74 cals..
and for tea i had spag bol, 
but only half of what i got given :)
i need my scales back ://///.
grandma borrowed them and 
now apparently she cant find them...
yeah right. ugh! 

Anyway! got some news about (a)
wellllllllllllllll hes started talking again, 
and argh i like him so much
and everytime he stps talking to me it doesnt 
bother me any more, like im useto him going of,
then him coming back again but 
everytime he comes back ive been getting
 close with someone else,
and then me and him get close again and then 
it makes me go of the person that im close to already 
and then (a) fks of again1 ARHGHGH so 
im just waiting for him to go now, 
he said to me the other night.... 
'why wont u tell me your feelings for me and stuf '
 i did tell him when i was in cyprus and
 its not easy for me to open up to people then
 he just fucked of again, so i just dont get him...
 and hes 4 years older than me, so abit 
childish really for his age!

anyway sorry i bet that made no sense what so ever 
to you all. just needed to let it out!

& do any of you use prettythin... 
i was addicted to that before i started on blogspot 
but now i just dont go on it anymore, weird.


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  1. that's annoying about the guy...i hope you figure him out soon! if he keeps being hot and cold i would ignore him - you deserve better! stay strong xx