Monday, 11 October 2010

Now i just want to be scraggy
i want my skinny jeans to be baggy,
i want a jaw line
to come in time.

Along with my stick arms+legs
just like yours and megs
so now i have my heart set on thin
as everyone knows thin is in.


Thanks for all your comments last night,
i feel much better... i went to the toilet 3 times last night which made me feel a little lighter ;p 
to much info i know but!
i did 300 sit ups, and my weights
no jumping jacks tho :/ mum slept downstares and not enough
room in mine...
mom was of work today so couldnt do any then,
but i was suprised she didnt ask me or force me to have dinner or breakfast
so i had no breakfast or dinner, for tea i had a bit of chicken casarol thing
i think thats what its called? aha, which im really not sure how many cals that is..
but it had mostly veg in and i didnt have a big serving..

but i do admit i had a penguin! and a glass of milk,
was feeling a bit dizzy and just felt sooo sleepy so thought it might
help me feel better, which it did. 

tomorrow, im going to go for a walk and get some new scales!!
i say this to my self everyday but i need to do it 
i hate going out incase i see people but i need some scales
i hate not having some..
might be babysitting aswell tomorrow, which will burn more calories
and wont have to eat much as will be focused and busy on the kids!

Not much more to report! 
going to watch one tree hill, and then at 10 o clock
john james and josie : what happend next? .. cant wait!!
its on channel 5 :) if any1 knows them haha, i love them.

anyway hope your all doing well have read through most of your blogged,
sorry if i havent commented will be back at 11 and do some more then :)
thanks again for commenting yesturday! really cheered me up.

btw heres some thinspo... and if ive repeated them or used them before im sorry!
got a folder full of them and loose track on which ones ive used and havent haha.



  1. good work hun you're doing really well. great thinspo :) xx

  2. Keep going! you're doing so well! Thanks for the pics :)