Friday, 8 October 2010

october 7th.

so i didnt post yesturday... but i couldnt sleep
 so i wrote in my diary 
(what i had before blogged)
 what i was going to write so lets just pretend this 
post is yesturdays haha then ill post todays post after! confusing but heyy :)

Hey guysssss.
im excited and happy because ive been doing really well
 i finally have my control back... well its only been a week lol 
but still! ive been keeping to my plan having under 400 calories, but ive
been having alot less than that, im just past hunger tbh.. i really need to buy some scales..
maybe saturday, hate going out on my own though. and i cant tell anyone
im buying them, but we will see.

I feel sooo Empty!.. keep feeling dizzy and atm im feeling quite sick.
Oh and cant forget the headaches im getting! but i kinda like it (I know im weird)
but its kinda like proof that i havent been eating alot.

So yeah, i watched katie price tonight i really do love her!... (I love pete aswell.. tehe)
I think there kids are adorable.
crap mum just walked in jeeze that was close! 
yeah so there kids, yeah especially princess! just not to keen on the name.. haha, i like
Tiami just not the princess bit lol imagine writing that on your school book!

Well it showed katie showing all her clothes.. 
omg! so jelous shes got a whole flooooor of a waudrobe,
and all her jeans phoarrrrrrrrr if only!... i love jeans atm
i think u could dress them up and down and still look fashionable!!

It is exactly 3.00 am here and i cannot sleep! im still wide awake...

Hope your all well, stay strong we cannn do this!!!! :)


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