Friday, 8 October 2010

8th october.

LOL sorry about that confusing posttttt!
this is todays post :)

sooooooo ive got a new skin template thing :)
i love it! took me ages to work out how to add codes on to here
and everything, (i didnt make it) kinda cheated and got of website haha..
the only thing idont like is you cant see my followers :/ oh wait ive just realised where they are.
lmao sorry blonde moment.. ill rename that bit in a minuite its under applicable or something
not quite sure ://

SO today ive had...... a cappichino the sachet was 59 cals.. 
but with milk and everything i maybe round up to 70?? or less..
and then i had some soup which was 62 cals :) 
and its now 9:39. so thats it for me.. ive got my food sorted out
its just exercise i really need to work on :/ need to do more.
Just dont have any energy but nothing will happen if i dont do exercise thats
what ive gotta keep telling my self! :)

ermmm news about (a) the one that was going hot and cold. 
welllll he went cold again lol, so i just told him where to go ;) 
he's texted me a few times butt just going to focus on caine! lmao
god i sound like a right slag! im not tho i havent met these people
see thats how sad i am i meet people from facebook, 
i hate my self that much i dont go out lol..
but thats changingggggggg! im going to loose all this weight to meet caine :)
i cant wait, he's talking about it more, which he didnt before
so i thought he wouldnt want to..
so the next thing is to plan a date! haha.

wellllllll whilst i was messing around with my skin,
i was on photobucket.. i am now inlove with that site! haha
its got loads and loads of pictures.. so i got aload more new thinspo pics!

btw i was reading through my old diary last night and ive got alot of poems and stuff in there
that ive found over the months of websites and stuff so thought i'd post some
on every blog i have just at the end of it :) i really love poems i can relate toooo.

I hope one day you could maybe, see how difficult
this is for me.. because up seems down and left seems right,
im out of ways to fight this tonight.

yep so im going to go check out on all your new blog updates! 


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