Monday, 4 October 2010

good day :)

short posttttt! because as im tierd now
im going to try get to sleep cos i cant deal with
going to sleep at 4 o clock every morning
so maybe this will help!

ive had a good day :)
my tummys rumbling........
which is a good feeling.

ive had water water water water.
and a jacket potatoe with tuna :)
so about 200 cals im guessing??? 

had 1 hour on the wii, with 20 jumping
jacks between every game, plus another 200..
just deciding wether to do the ab work out on youtube 8 mins...
i really CBA!!!! but ive got to!! 

hope your all well.
oh and thanks for all your recent comments,
and sorry about the depressing post last night.
stay strong! xxxxxx

wooooops, nearly forgot thinspo!
wont let me upload anymore :/
being gay!.


  1. Seems like a nice day for you, sweets. Oh, and those are beautiful pictures!

  2. it's really simple sounds hard but very easy once you understand the instructions :)
    i've always wanted to make baby clothes but never had anyone to make them for.
    I totally need to get back into my exercise routine going to start tonight since my boyfriend is back at his tonight

    sounds like you had a really good day :)
    i love hearing that.
    you also just gave me an idea of what to have for my meal today :)
    stay strong