Wednesday, 20 October 2010

interview tomorrow! at tescos.
eak im so nervous.
and confused.......
like part of me wants this job so bad and apart of me
doesnt care if i dont get it, ive had that many rejection
letters and im just ready to pack up and go move to cyprus.
(if my grandma would let me come with her).
everyones pushing me to get a job when they know i dont
wanto be here, its so frustrating.

I hate it here, it makes me feel soooo much worse.
im never goin to stop feeling depressed
stop with all this paranoier, anxiety shit.
if i dont get out of here..
and stop with the eating obsessive (maybe i dont want to stop with that?)
maybe i do... but i cant. ARGH im so confused.

sorry guys, had a pretty rubish 2 days, once again.
hopefully if i do get this job, (not sure how many hours, days etc)
but i can fast the days i work. and it will mean more walking etc.
so maybe its a good thing.
idk, will let you know how it goes on..
hope all is well for all you lot.xxxxx
will update on blogs later, or tomorrow... sorry! so tierd,
need to practise questions, pick outfits.
ETC. im so obsessive eurghhhhhhh.



  1. Best of luck with your interview. I really hope you get the job.

    I wish we had a Tescos here. No fair! I have friends overseas who practically live there! (Bloody bargain hounds!) I've seen so many people in our neighbourhood who've clearly returned from or are visiting from overseas. They do all there shopping with Tescos shopping bags. Saw a really pretty one the other day. It had ladybirds on it. My favourite!

    Sorry you're so bummed! Hope you have a good night's sleep. Feel better soon. All the best, Love :)

  2. Good luck with the interview! Just smile and be enthusiastic and I'm sure you'll get it :D I hope you do!

    And I love the second picture you posted, very thinspiring :)

    I hope you feel better soon and stop having rubbish days :)
    Love xxxx

  3. Same thing is happening with me.
    Being pressured to get a funkin job
    (I have a trial this afternoon)
    But I don't want a bloody job here cos I hate the place and I just want to LEAVE instead of tying myself to this.
    Good luck love

  4. good luck with the interview!! maybe chat with your rents (i'm presuming they're the ppl pressuring you?) and tell them how you feel, and they can help you figure stuff out? i'm sure things will be better once they understand. xx

  5. goodluckgoodluckgoodluck!

  6. I hope the interview went well!!
    Just let us know in the next post, ok? WIll be looking forward to reading an update from you;
    and, your thinspiration pictures-- beautiful, very very very inspiring.

    Just stay strong, sweetie.
    Lots of love, Lu.

  7. Hello darling, I just found your blog.
    I'm sorry you've been down lately.. but you'll feel better in no time! Good luck at the job interview. Btw, I freaking love the thinspo you found. <3
    Stay superstrong. <3

  8. Gooood luck with your interview (:

    & Feeeel better !

  9. Good Blog :)
    i follow you now :D