Sunday, 10 October 2010

ive binged.
binged binged binged binged!!!
I new i was doing it i just couldn't stop.
ill just have to burn it all off... if it takes all night lol
ill just do as many sit ups as i can, jumping jacks,
and some weight lifting thing (stole them from my brother tehe)
going to be hard as i just dont get motivated to do any exersise any more
not sure why, infact i am sure why im just LAZY.
i will do it though, ive got to.

but still god i feel disgusting:'(
a whole week of having under 200 cals.
and i go and ruin it..

hope you guys are doing ok.
going to read through your blogs soon :)
btw thanks for your comments! 
i love coming on to have some comments,
really makes me feel alot better..

as ive said before you are all my inspiration!!



  1. I think it's okay to have a binge like once a week or maybe once every two weeks if you want, just stay strong and you are strong so you will get through it!


  2. we cn always make up for them :) fast tomorrow? or laxies? and you're doing tonnes of exersize so it'll be ok hopefully not too much damage is done :)
    i think you're pretty darn amazing.
    I binged yesterday :/ hun we all go there! x

  3. like you said, you'll just have to work it off! you can do it. an isolated binge isn't all that bad :)
    stay strong xx

  4. I know exactly how you feel- we just need to pick ourselves back up and keep going! you can fix it! Ta for the great thinspo xxx

  5. Aw hun don't worry about it. I'm sure you'll be able to burn it all off and just forget about it :) We all have moments like that, but just look ahead and forget about the past.

    New follower so thought I'd say hi :)


  6. I fucking hate those days where it all turns to shit! Life can be such a cunt sometimes! Fear not and neither be dismayed for this, too, shall pass.

    Good work swiping those weights from your brother-creature. Stolen candy is so much sweeter!

    Weights are a good idea. Work smarter, not harder and get more bang for your buck, to put it in the parlance of our times!

    Think thin and NEVER SURRENDER!!!