Sunday, 3 October 2010

I dont know how i feel.
Empty maybe? but not from food.
it's not a good feeling though.
i have a good day, then a bad day. 
then another bad day.
why is it so impossible for me to have 
atleast a week of good days?


  1. dw about it hun - your perfect week will come. xx

  2. I think i know the type of feeling you mean.
    I've had it a lot lately i think it's why i've been messing up a lot.
    No thanks to my boyfriend last night i fucked up again not half as bad as i was though.
    i stuck to my plan up untill 11pm when my bf and i had a bit of an argument and as per usual when i get upset and down i turn to food i need to get out that habit
    Thankyou for the comment you left me it wasnt cheesy to say we have a lot in common thats a really good thing :)
    I agree that kitting is very relaxing i find i get kinda hypnotised in a way when im doing it :) im halfway through my design just two legs, two arms and two ears left and i'm done :)

    If you ever feel like it ill post up the instructions to make a little teddy.
    i found them hard to understand at first but i'll write them in easy to understand terms if you like :)

    stay strong xxx