Sunday, 17 October 2010

smiling but were close to tears..

hey guys, sorry i havent written in a few days..
i duno why i suppose i kind of felt bad? 
you guys are doing so well, and im doing so bad.
my calorie intakes go up and down up and down.
i need to get my control back.
tomorrow is a new week. 

im doing the 5 bite thing..
i saw on prettythin it sounds good..
and this time im going to exersise a hell of alot more!

ive copied and pasted for some of you who havent heard of it..

I did this diet for 5 days before I went on vacation a few weeks ago and lost 6lbs (about 3 kilos)  That's over 1lb every day!  This is what the diet consists of:
- Eat no breakfast
- Eat 5 bites of anything for lunch
- Eat 5 bites of anything for dinner
- No snacking!
- Drink lots and lots of liquids, under 5 cal.

"So this diet works like magic if you're commited to it"

alot of people do it of there, and has said to loose like 1lb a day!
so im defo gna try this starting tomorrow.

anyway, i dont know how i feel tbh.. like
i feel positive about tomorrow, but this week has been so horrible.
I told my mom that i started like feeling low and depressed again, and she was 
just like yeah thats cos ur sat at home doing nothing all day..
"feeling sorry for your self"
so yeah. cant really talk to her about fuck all.
anyways weve talked about me moving to cyprus, my grandma has a house over there..
and god that would be my dream, just to start fresh yano? to many bad memories here.
theyve said i have to learn greek though first.. so i can get a job and stuff 
which is pretty damn hard lol, so im thinking learn as much as i can then after xmas.. for my birthday in feb
go over there and take classes and you know like socialise with the cypriots which will help me 
learn more i suppose.

ive finally downloaded wintergirls and wasted of prettythin!
im so happy im reading wintergirls atm and im really into it.

anyways, im going to bed.. im so tierd recently even thought
ive been lazy and sleeping in very late! lol.

buying some scales tomorrow. cant wait

night guys.. will catch up on all your blogs tomorrow :)


  1. that diet sounds good! it'll be a real test of control...the danger is getting too carried away and going well over five bites! but i know you can do it :)
    stay strong xx

  2. These pictures are cute. You're cute.
    Don't be down! We want you to smiiiile.
    Chin up, buttercup.
    I rhymed; you can't ignore that.
    xxx :)

  3. Good luck with the 5 bites thing- I'm sure it'll work :) especially if you steer clear of really calorie dense foods.
    Going to cyprus sounds great- have you been for a holiday to check it out before or will feb be your first time?
    Good luck with the scales!!
    Stay strong xxx

  4. I realize this is an older post,
    but I've been exploring and I found your blog.
    I love all the thinspo you post and i love this diet.
    I am definately going to try it. thank you!
    good luck!
    -Willow (im new to this whole blogging thing, follow me?) :)