Wednesday, 19 January 2011

You ever wonder what we actually look like?
yeah we can see our self  in the mirror but we look different to what
other people see us as. you know? like people say oh u are sooo skinny, your soo beautiful blabla,
well that's not we see in the mirror? 
I wish I could be someone else just for a day
so I could see how I really looked, could see how disgusting i really am.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Stop thinking about  it and just do it!

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

This Summer, is going to be a skinny summer..
Its time to get thin.

stay strong girlys,we can do this.

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Im sorry, i've let you all down :(
& ive been abad blogger,
ill be back soon though i promise.
I just dont have anything or i dont know how to write anything atm.
hopey our all ok

Thursday, 6 January 2011


Smallasapanda - Yeah i love my EA SPORTS, but i have the first one i really wanted the second one but it is realy expensive! so i thought i'd try the first one out first to see if it was any good, and its brill! And was only 15.. It gives u like a 6 week challenge or you can pick your own work outs they have like 30 min work outs, slow medium or fast etc and tells you how many calls you burnt! would defo recomend it, sorry not sure about the second one but it looks really good too. <3

Bella - have you deleted your blog or something? i cant seem to get on too it, hope your ok <3

Ell-   Hmm i was thinking of doing that but i  didnt know if there was an age limit to them or something haha, silly i know! meehh wish i had done that instead :p was 6 pound for P+P psst! .. and my height is 5.4 :) what about you <3

Sofia- hmm thats weird! its worked for  other people, ill have to email you first :)

Todayyy has been bad :/ had like 900 cals, and i feel horrible but burnt 
850 :) On the wii, and crunches and abit of yoga! i love it.
Updated ipod touch today with aload of weight apps haha lots of free ones and bought 3 wish i never
there crap! Havent used all yet butttttt so far not so good. Oh well got some games on to keep me occupied when im stuck sumwhere on my own! haha.

Seeing A tomorrow, woop! feels like i've not seen him in ages... (Monday) Suppose it ages really haha hmm or nottttttttttttttttttt! this weeks dragged dont cha think?

Anyway as i said in my other post, i was woundering if anyone know's how amazon packages there stuff? ive ordered some laxies and other stuff and bit worried about mum finding out, but thanks for those who did comment much appreciated! 

going to try and get some sleep :/ if thats even possible.