Thursday, 6 January 2011

BTW - if im not follwoing you can you let me know so i can follow you please :)
i think my bloggers playing up, peoples blogs are showing on my dashboard but when i go onto there blogger says im not following them! so yeee just let me know :)

totaly intake for today so far = ZILCH. ;)
weight = the same, 8 stone - 112 pounds dyammm! :(

will update better later

P.S ordered some laxies of amazon and some other tablets, does anyone know how they package it will my mum know there laxies? im really worried. 
shudnt of done it :/ 


  1. Congrats for your intake so far! Amazing. Keep it up, sweetie!
    You weigh the same as me, it's a frusrating weight, isn't it! I'd like to know your height? :)

    They might have some indication on them, like the name of the company, but I doubt it. They usually package things like that secretively. You should be fine :)
    I bought some laxies from Tesco, and their brand of them are only £1.77 or something! x

  2. Usually when a company ships drugs they don't put any labels on anything for privacy and just so people won't steal them along the way. You should be good.

  3. Hi, I'm following you...! :) x