Thursday, 6 January 2011


Smallasapanda - Yeah i love my EA SPORTS, but i have the first one i really wanted the second one but it is realy expensive! so i thought i'd try the first one out first to see if it was any good, and its brill! And was only 15.. It gives u like a 6 week challenge or you can pick your own work outs they have like 30 min work outs, slow medium or fast etc and tells you how many calls you burnt! would defo recomend it, sorry not sure about the second one but it looks really good too. <3

Bella - have you deleted your blog or something? i cant seem to get on too it, hope your ok <3

Ell-   Hmm i was thinking of doing that but i  didnt know if there was an age limit to them or something haha, silly i know! meehh wish i had done that instead :p was 6 pound for P+P psst! .. and my height is 5.4 :) what about you <3

Sofia- hmm thats weird! its worked for  other people, ill have to email you first :)

Todayyy has been bad :/ had like 900 cals, and i feel horrible but burnt 
850 :) On the wii, and crunches and abit of yoga! i love it.
Updated ipod touch today with aload of weight apps haha lots of free ones and bought 3 wish i never
there crap! Havent used all yet butttttt so far not so good. Oh well got some games on to keep me occupied when im stuck sumwhere on my own! haha.

Seeing A tomorrow, woop! feels like i've not seen him in ages... (Monday) Suppose it ages really haha hmm or nottttttttttttttttttt! this weeks dragged dont cha think?

Anyway as i said in my other post, i was woundering if anyone know's how amazon packages there stuff? ive ordered some laxies and other stuff and bit worried about mum finding out, but thanks for those who did comment much appreciated! 

going to try and get some sleep :/ if thats even possible.



  1. Lovely thinspo. 900 cals isn't that bad, dear...especially when you burn off almost all of them!!! In fact, that is how you get a hot, toned lil' bod! Great job!

  2. Yeah you almost burnt off all the cals so that's fine! Thanks for replying to my question, i may consider getting EA sports then. Sorry i can't help with the amazon packaging i've never ordered anything off there. Do you have to be a certain age to buy laxatives at the store? Or are you too embarrased?

  3. i purchase things off of amazing all thet ime they come ina balck box or enevlope with ur adress and it says amazon on it
    wow u burned almor everything off that u ate thats great

  4. omg you really make me wish my wii wasn't broken and that I wasn't too poor to fix it!!!

    And love the thinspo!

  5. Yeah, Amazon never says anything about what the product is on the box. I got my laxies from there, and if you don't like it, there are tons of other websites that will be better.

    I have a wii, I'm just too lazy to hook it up lol.. I really need to get a drill sergeant to come to my house and yell my ass up and into skinny mode.

  6. hey babe! in response to your last post, i don't think you are following me. I would love it if you would though:) And amazon doesn't tell you whats inside the box so you should be fine.

    Keep up with the exercise, i'm so proud! I just got combat boots like the girl in your first thinspo. I love them! They make my ugly legs look even the slightest bit longer. hehe much love<3

  7. Those pics have OMG legs. Followin u btw, xx

  8. i loved the pics too! i wish my tummy was that flat!

    as for amazon, they are pretty discreet so i don't think you need to worry. be careful with the laxies! i've been increasing my intake of's an evil cycle is all i can hate! keep up with the exercise it's a much better option

  9. Great thinspo.
    And I'm fairly sure it'll be discreet. They usually are!

  10. darling,
    my new blog address is

    Do take care, you beautiful girl.