Monday, 3 January 2011

Tonight... I had sex for the first time lol.... it felt? good.
sorry maybe bit tmi??????? but just wanted to let it out.

it is 12:47am and my totaly calorie intake is.... *drum roll* ZILCH ;)
mwahaha i am officially back! Waiting for my brother to go to bed so i can go on the wii
and do my excersise i dont think im going to sleep tonight... im buzzin. lmao dont ask why??????

soo got some last min cw to do. and Then exersise and then read allll your blogs! again. haha
i love reading them. oh and downloading music on to ipod.

going to walk into wellington tomoz (like 20 min walk) and go to the bank, Put money on and get
my debit card! so then i can order some laxies and some water weight pills. and maybe some fat burners
If anyone uses them.. what kind do you use... which works/worked the best.
ordered a new notebook today of topshop, so hopefuly that will come soon going to make it look all beautiful and stuff inside with notes and shizzle! soo that should keeep me occupied..

soo not much to report!
hope all my beautiful followers are doing ok!

p.s going to make another email address if anyone wants to email? not sure how many or if anyone would be up for that but hey?!


  1. I don't know what's better, sex or no cals!

  2. Congrats, on both the 0 cals and the schmexual encounters ;)

  3. now THIS will be tim ;) im actually too scared to have sex, i dont know i think im just going to get used then thrown away or something.. i am silly.
    but its so cool you enjoyed it!! :D

  4. FINALLY, someone who's first time didnt fucking hurt. i havent broken the fence to that garden yet. but i probably will soon. haha ;D
    congratulations on having such a lovely day!
    and you should definitely email me. (:
    i have my email on the side bar on me blog. (oh goodness, excuse that im listening to flogging molly and im feeling irish. haha.)

    stay lovely. <3

  5. Oh, well done on your first time, Babe! Best to get the first time over with and then get on with having some more! Hope you're enjoying all the endorphins!

    I would go for a natural diet pill, I take green tea and C.L.A. which works really well. Avoid pseudo-ephedrine and norpseudo-ephedrine if you're on the pill as these will cancel it out. Always read the label.

    Have fun in town. <3 XXX.

  6. omg woo! how old are you?
    i like the idea of the topshop notes xx

  7. god my first time didnt feel good but it also was a long time ago
    but im glad that ur happy hunny
    o and water pills i buy diuretcis

  8. HEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH wooooop!!! first time yayayaya