Sunday, 2 January 2011

Monday - fasting - 2 hour on EA sports - 100 crunches - 50 leg lifts.

Tuesday - 400 cals - 2 hours on EA sports - 150 crunches - 70 leg lifts

Wednesday - fasting - 2 hour on EA sports - 100 crunches - 50 leg lifts

Thursday - fasting - 2 hour on EA sports - 100 crunches - 50 leg lifts

Friday - 600 cals - 2 and half hours on EA sports - 170 crunches - 70 leg lifts

Saturday - 800 cals, - weigh in - 3 hours on EA sports - 200 crunches 100 leg lifts

Sunday - 1 meal (sunday dinner) - 2 hours on EA sports - 150 crunches - 50 leg lifts.


Lets see how this works :) trying to confuse my self if that makes sense by doing more cals then less and more exersise then less! Cant wait to start.... im excited! Ive lost 2 stone since starting this blog.... just thought i'd let yall know ;) Couldnt of done it without all your support.. thanks guys :) i love you all!!


Hope your all well, and had a fab new years eve!! Me and A stayed in and cuddledddddd! ;) mwaha. i love him! cant wait to see him tomorrow aint seen him for a whole 2 days!!! dont know how im gna last when he goes back to work... ( he works nights so only get to see him like fridays and saturdays).


Good night! <3


  1. girl just remember that your beautiful and sometimes its fine to follow a path you dont want at first because the end result always ends up amazing!,

  2. Your plan is awesomeness xx
    And 2 stone? That's incredible!!

    Great thinspo :D

  3. I am sorry if I sound like a complete idiot, but what unit of measurement is stone? I know pounds and kgs but I have never heard stone before?

    Just wondering lol. Congrats on starting the plan, and I agree with Mel. Perfect Thinspo =D

  4. You plan does sound great. I think I might have to plan something similar. I really need to get through a solid day of fasting to kickstart my loss right now.

    Thanks for following me and for posting such great thinspo! Have a great week!

  5. I hope your plan goes well!
    Losing 2 stone is pretty amazing!
    Glad everything is going well :D

  6. Fantastic plan, Babe! Well done on losing 2 stone, that's awesome! Lovely thinspo. Glad you had some quality time with your man. Stay strong. <3. XXX

  7. Wow that routine is tough
    good luck sweetie sure ull do it
    especially now uve lost 2 stone ur incredable lady! :)
    much love honey
    keep safe

  8. good luck with your plan! and congrats on the two stone!!!