Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Okkk... today has been good i suppose.
iv lost 2lbs after putting it on over christmas YUK!
ive kept to my strictttt plan thingy, i just need to keep up with the exersise :|
i know ive been badddddddddd ahhhh.

soo the email ive made is - -
please email meeee :) haha i sound like im begging, but i like talking to new people..
and would like to talk more to my followers!... if they want haha.
Ill check it regularly ;)

sofia - Ohhhh yes i enjoyed it ;) haha! dont be scared, i dont know what came over me! im not normally like that expecially with someone ive been with for 3 weeks! but it felt right and i was comfortable with it :) x

90210 started tonight. Thank god! needed some new TV inspiration haha, its beverly hills not sure if anyone else watch's it? but the girls on there are so beautiful and skinnnnnny!
so yeah... oh and i ordered the new diary of topshop, bet thats going to take ages now! hadto pay 4 pound for delivery PFFTTT!

hmm forcasted snow tonight, grrr. hate it...... wnt be able to see adam friday if it snows bad haha.
ive got that county trainin thing tomoz :/ hate it so much!
but hopefully she will see the change in me (confidence wise) and weight?!?! haha. but yeah and then put me on to the clothes department at tescos! woop. soon as i can get the job the better.

Hope all my wounderful followers are ok!
stay strong  <3


  1. im glad it felt right. (:
    and your email isnt working for me. :(


  2. ooh i love 90210! I didn't know it started again, I'll have to watch it online :)
    the girls on the show have such incredible clothing!

  3. Loving the thinspo! And grats on the 2lbs! I gained like 4! (but i have my period so i'm not so sure..) Also i was thinking of buying EA sports for wii, but the second version. How do you find it, does it actually do anything? I founbd the original WII fit was more.. beginner and i didn't break into a sweat. However Zumba has just been released but it's like 60 dollars (ouch) but i've read it's great. What do you do think?

  4. Congrats on the loss xoxox
    Those damn seasonal binges make fools of us all.

  5. yay! weight loss!

    And I'm so glad you said 3weeks. That's how long I waited and while I regret it years later you make me feel just a little bit less judge since all my friends made a weird face. Yay for you and yay for sex!

  6. I like your blog! I'm following you :)

  7. yay for losing 2 lbs
    hers my email im bad at rmember to email ppl first so if u email me f irst its better