Friday, 17 September 2010

bad news, ive been eating.
good news, i still fit into my new size 10 jeans.. thinking how long for though ?????
ive been argueing with my mom alot lately which i hate but sometimes i just have enough of her i just cant deal with her. so im going back to my gdads on sunday.. going to go running and do alot more excersise im lacking.

ANYWAY not going to talk about food.
im pretty pissed of, but im happy but pissed of lol. sounds weird but ye? i dunno ive been reading most of your blogs and its just cheered me up. but the thing im pissed of about is i cant get a job!!! and I applied at debenhams recently it said they were looking for staff, and this georgous girl recently got a job there i noticed on fb, use to go to my school like. but im thinking its funny how she can get a job there but i cant?? obviously because shes so much prettier and skinnier than me, i know that probably sounds stupid but its how i feel ive applied everywhere and im just getting so depressed sat at home!!!

i really want to move to cyprus, i have friends over there.. and get a job, maybe sell my stuff like photos and my clothes i make. i wish i could maybe after christmas?? need to persuade my mom to buy me a plane ticket if i havent got a job by then. i hate it here.. there is really nothing here for me, I dont go out i dont have a life.

i was watching fearn cotton and  perez hilton and it motivvated me to write more on my blogs and just keep doing it... dont get me wrong i love doing it and it helps me loads but sometimes when im in one of my shitty moods i just really dont feel like it, but i always read everyone elses lol. Anyway ive decided after this post im going to read through all of my followers blogs and all the people im following and just start speaking to you all because there's only a few that comment on my blog posts (2).. i really appreicate that btw! :)  i wasnt sure where to comment back to though? so i did it underneath your comments i hope you noticed! i havent been ignoring... i love reading comments it just makes me feel like someone is actually interested and you know. well yeah lol.

btw im inlove with the scripts new album, i would definatley recomend it.

ive been having horrible dreams again past couple of months and i hate them, im either not sleeping at all or im sleeping but waking up every hour from a bad dream it seems to be the same for a week then different one for a week then back to the same one.. ARGH!!! nothing ever goes right for me lol.. lets get the violins out ;)

anyway think im going to go sleeeeeeeeeeep!
i shall blog tomorrow aswell i think. and talk about what ive done in the day as its saturday..
i dont normally talk about what i do in a day because i dont do anything lol?? but hopefully ill do something interesting to talk about tomorrow before i go on sunday for like a week lol! ajdkasje,kjsadkasl;3eia[d.

yessssssssssssssss. ok good night :) 
btw commented ona few blogs if i havent commented on yours its not because ive decided not to but i will have more time tomorrow to read through propally and take time in comenting lol tomorrow :) xxxxxxxxxx


  1. I LOVE THE SCRIPT. the only song people know by them around here is break even unfortunately. i didn't know they had a new album, i'm getting it now.
    and i totally know what you mean about not being in the mood to blog, happens to me all the timee.

  2. I adore The Script! And well, the lead singer.. He's just beautiful. Not gonna lie.
    Well done for still fitting into the jeans!
    It's a shame about how you've been feeling :( chin up, honey!
    Things will get better eventually :) you just have to live through some of these rough patches.
    Stay strong x

  3. Cute blog! :)

  4. What kind of dreams have you been having? :o
    THE SCRIPT <3 so good if you just want to breakaway from everything.
    Keep up lovelie xo