Monday, 6 September 2010


Today has been good, better than the past 3 days.
ive had some fish for tea, with green beans which in total i reckon about 200 cal. or maybe less?
the fish was in a sauce with a total of 144 but scraped most of the sauce of.
btw im currently doing the low cal 1 meal a day. i lost alot by doing it before so yeah hopefully it will keep working.
anyway, i haven't done much exercise which i really need to start doing. 
50 sit ups, few crunches thats all.
made an Ana box today, haven't finished it, good way to distract my self.

Also, (A) who i was talking about yesterday spoke to me last night, he kept trying didnt say anything about what he did just kept trying to start convos and i wasnt really having any of it was being sarky and rude to him just like he was to me, but he said in the end.. oh you've took it serious then? .. i was like fuming >:| if it was a joke why couldnt he have said joke straight after? but instead he just sed dno tbh and that was it.. but anyway were on speaking terms now well we was all last night but he hasnt spoke to day so i never know with him!


10:30 - going to bed
12:45 cant sleep!!!
2:10 and im still not asleep.
3:25 still not asleep

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