Sunday, 5 September 2010

I'm sick of feeling like such a failure, at everything i FAIL. so this voice in my had keeps saying.
i am starting to really listen her now, my sleep is getting worse i just feel so low.
my first blog entry, i'm not always this moany i swear lol.

On top of that, have some boy trouble..
(A) - ill call him, hes older than me and we talk alot, i met him online aswell as (C), (A) lives near me and i just felt really close to him, but turns out hes a right player. and i dont even know why it bothers me that much.. hes changed he talks to me like really dirty now and i dont like stuff like that tbh especially ATM when ive got all this stuff going on in my head about how i look and stuff then there's him wanting me to do stuff with him.. and he called me boring, so i said why speak to me then? and he replies with 'dno tbh!' so yeah it did upset me that he said that and i thought to my self uno what im not going to keep running back to him all the time so i you know fuck it.
and (C) hes perfect, we talk everyday hes so good to me but it sucks that he lives over 2 hours away, but hes so sweet and he says that we will meet up, so that is my motivation gotta look good for when i meet up with him! -

Enough ranting. its good to let it all out though! :)


Tomorrows another day.

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