Saturday, 11 September 2010

hey 6 followers :) lol
maybe you shud comment and say hi :) none of my followers really speak so i dont know if you take any notice in what i write but any how i just like to let it all of on here.

OMG my mom has gone and bought some nutella!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arhh im so tempted to had 1 piece of toast ?????
thinking ive only had some soup 68cals and an orange?
anyone?????? suggestions... going walking tomorrow could burn of with some situps.. or is it just toooooo much. one piece may lead to another etc??? or have the piece of toast then go to bed... hmmm so confusing!!!

btw ive been editing my blog so it looks all messy....
and yes i know the side photos are the same every 3 photos but i thought it looked quite cool :)))
im not sure how to add a skin from html :( so ive been just adding my own stuff so ill have to learn how to do the skin bit.... still in process so it looks quite poop atm lol...

yes im still thinking about the nutella >:(

ok soooo i had 1 slice very thinnly nuttella toasttttt and i made sure it was thinnn!
didnt really enjoy it tbh! at all. not how i remember it lol.
anyway ive been doing an 8 minuite work out plus 50 situps and going for a long walk tomoz
soooo it would of helped burn some calories i hope :)
i also wanto put this link up, some people might really think its stupid buttt the face is one of the main bits i worry about being fat and i found this kind of face excersice :S it seems ok very easyy so im gna keep doing them...


  1. I like the layout! Agh I have a huge nutella craving right now too, it's one of my favorite foods >.< Great job exercising off the calories though!

  2. thankyou for your comments! i love your blog, and layout too :) im not sure where to reply back to so ill just reply underneath haha. thanks i felt so bad after the toast :/ arhh. so many temptations! hope your ok :)