Tuesday, 7 September 2010

yayayay actually been looking forward to writing this, its such a good way to release everything, so much better than writing in my diary as i get nervous incase my mom finds it but yeah.
Today another successful day....
ready break 150 cals
soup- 68 cals, ate it in two halfs which filled me up more :)
and an orange.. 45 cals - was a small one.
so 263 cals. 
200 situps, really need to start doing more excersice, lack of sleep making me become more and more lazy!
going to the job centre tomorrow eak! which i hope i find a job as it will hopefully be walking distance and ill be on my feet most of the day instead of sitting around doing nothing, wish i had the guts to go to college.. stupid anxiety. 
4 o clock i finally went to sleep last night, going to see if i can get in there early.
might edit this again later if i cant sleep lol.


found aload of new thinspo pics!

These kind are my best thinspo pics, where they are like real girls same age etc, i prefer using these than celebritys ones more realistic i suppose im not sure why :s not in a creepy way lol. but ye, ive got all these of a thinspo website so if anyone is ever reading this and it is you or someone you know and want them taken off i will obviously do that asap :) 

Read this somewhere and it made me chuckle...

Before marriage....

Husband: Aahhh cant wait can hardly wait
Wife: Do you want me 2 leave?
Husband: Dont even think about it
Wife: Do you love me?
Husband: of course always have, always will
Wife: Have you cheated on me?
Husband: No, why you even asking
Wife: Will you kiss me?
Husband: Every chance i get!
Wife: Will you hit me?
Husband: Hell no are you crazy
Wife: Can i trust you?
Husband: Yes
Wife: Darling

After marriage
Now read from bottom to top=))


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