Thursday, 18 November 2010

Im sorry about the last post.
Just kinda needed to let something out lol..

Today i had
Break fast: Yogurt : 98 cals, ate half
Lunch: Nothinggg.
Dinner: Cuppa Soup, 58 cals.
exercise: 300 jumping jacks,
going to do some crunches and sit ups later.
so far so good!

Anyway ive come to the conclusion the more
i eat the more shit i feel haha! so been eating like below 600 cals
this week, and on top of that other 3lbs ive lost another 3lbs.
im happy :).
Ive bought some scales wooooooooooop.
 I start this kind of college course next week so maybe, 
that will start making me feel a bit more happier...
and it also means alot more walking and not eating in the day..
but telling my mom i have eaten tehe. im getting so good at lieing to my mom.
i do feel bad but then i think wellllllll shes going to have a nice thin daughter for christmas lol.
so im now at 8 stone, with a bmi of 19.

gotta go back into school next weeek
just to get my art and textiles stuff
and certificates as ive left.
They already know alot about me,
and they noticed a change in my weight 
before, but now its changed more.
so im excited to see some reactions and get some compliements lol.
so my motivation is 'THURSDAY' :)

Hope your all well thanks
for your supportive comments last post.
They mean so much to me.
i will make sure i comment your blogs tomorrow.
I have been reading them all btw,
i just havent had enough energy to comment.
no offence, (sorry if that sounds offfffensive!) 


P.s with adding pictures i useto be able to upload a few at the same time, but
some reason i cant do that anymore, can anyone else? 

Love this one ^^^^


  1. Allo, Darlin'!

    Congrats on your weight loss. 8 stone is bloody brilliant! Woo-hoo!

    I also do better on less food. Talk about throwing cement into the works! Yikes!

    I think a nice study course will be great. I get the feeling you have an active mind, that needs to be challenged. Hope it's fun, Luv.

    By the way, I studied texlies too, at school and then at varsity!

    Thanks for the lovely thinspo, skinny girl. XXX.

  2. congrats at the weightloss!
    Gorgeous gorgeous thinspo :)

  3. you're doing so awesome!!!
    :D congrats.
    you sound so happy. i'm happy that you're happy :p

  4. Congrats on the loss!! And good luck with your new college course! xoxoxo