Sunday, 21 November 2010

.. How often do you weigh your self?
I tend to do it every morning, but ive got a real erg to weigh my self more in the day.
& what exercises do you think are the best for lower abs, going
to make a new work out routine.


  1. I try not to weigh more than once a day, and always in the morning before I eat/drink anything.

    As far as exercises go, lots and lots of crunches!

  2. I sometimes go through spurts of weighing myself every morning, then not. if I'm afraid of what I'll see i don't, but if i've been good with eating, I do. and its always in the morning after I pee, before I eat.


  3. I weigh myself every morning, except on Mondays 'cause I'm usually too scared to look at the weekend damage. >_<

    I have one of those little exercise balls for doing crunches, so it works the lower abs and the sides:
    They sell cheap ones in like wal-mart and cvs. Or you could just use a pillow or something. I've been doing crunches with it for 2 years and my tum is pretty toned. ;)


  4. i never weight myself.
    i'm always too scared.

  5. Weighing myself is like ritual, now that I have a digital scale in our new place. But I try no more than once in the morning, and once at night. <3
    Lower abbs are so hard to work out! But I find laying on the floor and doing leg lifts targets them.
    Keep well! :)

  6. Hi love, thank you so much for your comment, it really means a lot to me.. I promise I'll get better at commenting on your blog! :)

    Well, I weigh myself every morning, sometimes even in the evening, because I found out my weight fluctuates and sometimes it's even lower at night (which is weird). Anyway, don't know much about the exercise, never been too much of an exercise fan-- all I do is work out on my pilates ball.

    Stay strong, sweetie!!


  7. when my eating disorder is acting up i weigh myself 4 or 5 times a day.
    However, on a good day...i try to weigh myself once a week, if that, and try to make it a day when i feel especially thin. that way, if i have to torture myself with a number.. let it be a good number.
    as for the lower abs: crunches and leg lifts is what will work those. But make sure your eating right also, otherwise the muscle will only build underneath the fats your body naturally stores. If i were you, i would try to eat three meals a day and get 7-9 hours of sleep each night... otherwise your body doesn't have the energy it needs to burn fats and will kick into survival mode and store them.

  8. hey love!! :) i usually weigh myself twice a day, one in the morning once before i go to bed so then i can see/learn how what i have done that day has effected my weighloss
    for abs id siggest crunches, planks and pilates :) and leg lifts!!

    xoxo oh and my blog has changed :/ mom found it yes yes big drama so now it is

    love yah!

  9. I used to ALL THE TIME! Now, I do it much less!