Monday, 8 November 2010

hey guys.
thanks again for your comments, they do honestly make me feel alot better.

so tomorrow im DEFO going to go walk into Wellington and buy some scales!
its like half hour walk, so some exercise too.

then ive decided to add my stats and everything and gw and everything else
and also some pictures of my progress, but ((cutting of face))
dont think im ready for that yet, still get quite paranoid if anyone see's me on here..

I regret cutting so bad now.
oh well, it cant be undone.
i just need to learn how to control my feelings.

also im going to reccccccreate my blog ;) 
going to try and add a thinspiration button 
i have so many pictures i loose track on what i have and havent used!
So im feeling quite positive for tomorrow.

eating : thats going ok since feeling down i dont feel like eating, so
ive just been having 1 meal a day and thats infront of my mom.
which last time i did it like this i lost the most so i just need to start
exercising more now!

hope you girlies are doing fine.

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