Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Okkkkk! warning.. long post coming i think? :)

start of with how ive done today yesturday went good, I had a burger :// which was 489. but it felt like so much more calories so thats all i had (oh and a cheeky little choc out of my advent calender) ;) 
today :
Dinner: Pasta, 191 calories..
Snack: Orange - 25, ( i thought this was more but websites are telling me different ones eakkk)
Tea: Fish 141, handful peas 40, 1 potato 74.
= 471.      im on 600 today. so ive gone under the limit twice, i dont know if thats aloud, but ehhh who cares? :)
ive lost a lb since yesturday. we'll see tomorrow if its changed eak so nervus.
im so lazy when it comes to exersise need a rocket up my ass i think.

a, he's older than me, 20 and im 16 so not much difference, but he's different i normally fall for the soppy guys uno? but hes not like that well atleast i thought he wasnt ;). but he was the one that always played hot and cold, and would always be married to a diff girl on facebook every 2 weeks, childish for his age i know lol. but still... i get jelous veryyyyy easily, and then we just got closer and closer, we had an argument few days ago, and didnt speak for a day. and i really missed him lol cos we talk 24/7 literally. (texting) and u no how it is shud i text him or shud i wait. and he texted me :) "i miss uuu :(" i was shocked because hes never normally like that if u get me, but i was pleased obviously haha, so then we just got closer and he got more soppy. but atm he's being awkward.. thats a long story i dont wanto bore u with the details, but hes at work he works nights and it feels horrible not talking to him he texts me in his breaks, and like when he can when hes working lol. it feels strange because i have really strong feelings for him, but friday will be the first time weve met :s stupid huh?.

ive got loads of pics to post, i found aload last night and today all very wintery and christmasy
and with a few sneaky thinspo pics ;) i love looking at pictures they cheer me up as well.
so here goes.


p.s i love the long knitwear fashion,
the cardigans!
oh and my new celeb thinspo it
Michelle Keegan :)



  1. congrats on the weight loss hun yay
    and omg the thinpso and winter great

  2. <3 you have a wonderful eye for photos :)

  3. Beautiful new wallpaper! Well done on shifting a pound, hope the same happens for me!

    That boy had better straighten out fast, he's gonna be sorry if he loses you!

    Lovely photos! I'm knitting the guy-version of picture 2 for my housemate (no bow!). Going slow, maybe it'll be done by next year, June! (our winter)

    Wish it snowed here. It looks so cosy! Hope I get to experience a Northern Christmas before I die! For the kids on our side, Father Christmas rides a surf board and wears and red Hawaiian shirt and flip flops! He's cool like that!

    Have a great day, Love! XXX.

  4. great intake, i'm jealous <3
    and your guy sounds like such a sweety =D

    lucky ;)

  5. Great photos. Thanks for sharing.
    I think the orange depends on the size, but 25 sounds about right :)