Monday, 13 December 2010

ok so :):):):):)
im happy.
well im happy on the (a) side.
on food wise well thats dif story.

but omgggggg.
first meeting/date. was perfect we just walked and talked all night.
then we met again on the saturday. anddddd ahhhh makes me smile just talking about it
we did the same walkd and talked but only stayed out for like 1 hour was too cold, was shivering!
but he was cuddddling me tryna warm me up tehe how cute. We went back to his and we just watched tv and just cuddled and kissed ohhh ive really fallen for him. i know you all prob thing hmm you've met him twice,
but its hard to talk about how i really feel because of that but ive been speaking to him thru text and everything for over a yearr, and we talk 24/7 andddddd yeee. so were meeting on the weekend and cant waitttttt gives me something to look forward too but cos he works nights can only see each other on weekends :( anyway.

doing the 2468 i lost 4lbs, and then friday i ate a bit more than usual cos didnt want stomach rumblin n stuff then the weekend its just gotton worse. uh. so ive put on a pound and im to scared to weigh my self again. decided gona afto start excersising alot more need to start toning up need to be more hard on my self ive got someone to do it for now..

hope your all doing better than me.


  1. good luck getting back on track and yay for the boy! good luck with him too!


  2. nawww he sounds so cute <3
    and you will totally get back on track in no time, you'll see :D

  3. Congrats on the loss! The 2468 plan is good but I tend to want to keep eating more and more so I usually go 24642. That seems to work. You will be back on track soon :-)
    I like the background
    Think thin <3

  4. just a tip, make your font bigger. awesome blog

  5. Awww, i've had a boyfriend like that before. We met online and fell in love over a year and met up a couple of times. (The age difference was 6 years and that was what ended in the break up)

    I hope it all works out for you, he sounds great! :)
    Having a bf is extra motivation! Or someone to impress anyway.

  6. Congrats on the loss!! And who cares if you only met him twice--gut feelings are usually correct. have fun with the new boy. ;)


  7. I love it! ♥ I like your blog, if you want, we can follow eachother. :)